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Fabrics could quite probably be named the most influential component in decorating a space. Fabric is incorporated into almost every aspect of a room, whether it be the curtains, furniture, blankets, throws, or even pillows. When choosing a fabric, it can be overwhelming given the vast array of colors, patterns, and textures. However, once you determine how you are going to use fabric in the space, then the rest is all downhill from there. Let’s talk about a few of the ways that fabrics can set the tone for your home and help you realize your dream design for a space.

Woman looking at fabric swatches for custom curtains

Fabrics are not limited to what you may imagine when you first think of their purposes. Of course they add dimension, color, and liveliness to a space that may otherwise seem dull or uninviting. However, when you upholster fabric to a piece of furniture or add fabric to an aspect of your room, you are adding longevity to the piece as well. It helps protect the furniture or space from wear and tear and serves as a buffer in case there are any accidents from spilled drinks or pets. Similarly, fabric is also functional in the sense that it enhances the comfortability of a piece. For instance, if you add a fabric cushion to a chair or throw in a few pillows, you are adding both a touch of style and physical comfort to the space. 

In terms of fabric setting the tone of a room, this is easily done by determining how you want to use it. The fabrics you choose for your home or office can arguably be the most essential decision that you make throughout the decorating process. Obviously fabrics can establish an ambiance through curtains: choosing a darker fabric will add a more dramatic tone as a opposed to a lighter fabric which will make the space brighter. However, don’t limit yourself to just curtains. If you find a fabric that creates the aesthetic that you are looking for, then don’t worry about having to find other decor that matches. Use that fabric on pillows, upholstery, blankets, and curtains. If you don’t want the entire room to match perfectly, then find multiple fabrics that complement each other. Disperse the various fabrics throughout the room to enhance different areas and showcase various pieces in the space. 

Book of fabric swatches

There are so many choices in terms of color, texture, and pattern of fabrics that it is easy to find yourself flooded with options. But just look at all of those choices as being one step closer to turning your dream home or office into a reality. To begin searching for the perfect fabrics for your space, check out some of our fabric vendors below. 

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