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Meet the Team

Meet the Team of Spencer Carlson Near Kennewick, Washington, like Owner & Interior Designer Katie Carlson

Katie Carlson

Owner & Interior Designer

Katie’s natural talent for design was apparent as a child. At the age of 8 her grandmother allowed her to redesign many of the rooms in her home. She would re-position the furniture; pick paint and the fabrics for the draperies. Her grandmother would then buy all of the supplies and they work together to put everything together. As an adult Katie studied at the Sheffield School of Design. She then spent one year designing custom window treatments. She has a passion for window treatments and has designed many sophisticated styles. “I believe window treatments make everything come together in a room.” Katie’s eclectic style uses old and new, contemporary and traditional, bringing a vibrant new energy to any room. Her sense of color and texture add the finishing touch which makes every room shine. Her enthusiasm for every project, no matter the size, is apparent and results in repeat clientele and many referrals. She believes her biggest job is to listen to the client. “If you listen well they will always tell you what they need by telling you about how they live. She believes all of us here at Spencer Carlson can design a beautiful room, but our goal is to create a beautiful room in the eye of the client.”

Meet the Team of Spencer Carlson Near Kennewick, Washington, like Owner & Interior Designer Paula Spencer

Paula Spencer

Owner & Interior Designer

Passion: a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything.

Do you know what it’s like to find your passion at a young age? Well, it’s rare, for those that do; they have been given a gift. Paula recognized that gift, and knew she had to follow it to wherever it would take her. Before her cap and gown were hung, she was off and running to Bassist Institute in Portland, one of the best design trade schools on the West Coast. There she would absorb the knowledge needed to add to her passion to be as good as she is today. That was in 1976, when she came back to her hometown and opened her first business at the tender age of 20. Since then she has been working with clients from all walks of life, all economic backgrounds and most importantly, all personalities. Paula has honed the skill most strive for and that is to listen intently, take the queue from the client and execute what it is that sometimes even the client doesn’t know they are conveying. And like magic what they imagined appears before them in their home. As with most driven professionals, Paula has many projects going at once, and that’s the way she works best! You can find her knee deep into new construction, Parade of Homes, commercial office space, a simple family room for a big family looking for the balance between a big screen TV and entertainment space, all the way to that big house located high on the bluff overlooking the Columbia River. Most importantly she is comfortable in all of those spaces with each and every client, no matter the challenge at hand. Paula finds the greatest compliment when a client calls and says, “I love what you’ve done.” In her limited free time, she enjoys entertaining, spending time in the sun on the river and traveling. Those that know her well understand the word passion and have no doubt it fits right alongside Paula and the gang at Spencer Carlson.

Meet the Team of Spencer Carlson Near Kennewick, Washington, like Interior Designer Sydney Wattenberger

Sydney Wattenberger

Interior Designer

Visualization and understanding the space is a crucial part of the relationship between client and designer, Sydney honors and respects the values of our customers every step of the way. She prides herself on bringing originality to her customers and breathing life into any room. Sydney originally started in the flooring business, experienced mostly in residential floor coverings. Sydney understands the fundamentals of not only structural design, but also the functionality of how you need your space to work for you. Being born and raised in the Tri-Cities, she has seen many different styles and designs come and go and come back again. Sydney strives to create a unique, and personalized space for you in your home!

Meet the Team of Spencer Carlson Near Kennewick, Washington, like Interior Designer Payton Pointer

Payton Pointer

Interior Designer

Payton has called the Tri-Cities home her entire life. She realized her passion for interior design through her construction background and experience with finish materials in the home. This background, paired with her business degree, has given her a strong base to design not only beautiful, but truly purposeful spaces. She enjoys the challenge of working with client budgets of all sizes. She feels that helping clients envision and execute their interior design desires and fall in love with their space is the most rewarding part of what she does.

Payton is currently taking some time off to care for her family, but we are excited to have her back soon!

Meet the Team of Spencer Carlson Near Kennewick, Washington, like Interior Designer Elizabeth McDonald

Elizabeth McDonald

Interior Designer

Elizabeth has called Tri-Cities home for 19 years graduating from Richland High in 2016. She continued her education at the University of Idaho where she received her Bachelor of Interior Architecture and Design, with a minor in Architecture, in May of 2020. Elizabeth’s preferred design style is transitional, and she loves how timeless it can feel and how it brings old world traditional to a contemporary level.

Meet the Team of Spencer Carlson Near Kennewick, Washington, like Interior Designer Mary Hess

Mary Hess

Interior Designer

After a brief absence, it is my sincere pleasure to be back working with the Spencer Carlson team! Living and working in the Tri-City area for over 35 years, my passion is working closely with you, my client, to create a beautiful and functional interior that reflects who you are. Working as your consultant, you provide the budget and the inspiration, and I will guide you through the process of room design! Listening is the first step in creating the perfect interior and choosing the look you want to accomplish. Modern to traditional, coastal, vintage, transitional, eclectic-together we will find your design style! I love working with personal pieces and bringing them into a newly created space! Here at Spencer Carlson, we do floor plan development, décor set-up, space planning, color and finish consulting, furniture and material selection, art selection, product sourcing and procurement, blind and window treatments. Commercial and Residential. No matter your project, great or small, I will be honored to help you with a personalized and thoughtful design that best fits you.